Lisa Townsend Company offers workshops
in combination with lecture demonstrations & performances.


Dance Technique  
During the warm up focus is placed on breath, the body’s alignment, soft tissue and bones. Class builds from simple exercises to phrases of movement that involve moving boldly, covering lots of space, taking chances off balance and finding strength, sensitivity, specificity and ease in our dancing.

Creating from movement scores and crafting meaningful text & movement into set material. 

Members of the company teach a finished piece for performance.

Dance Improvisation
Choice, chance and memory. We begin by exploring the movements of our own bodies, combining shape, level and dynamics with sensory experiences.  We use imagery to trigger responses in our muscles and bones.  We move until our own dances emerge, creating a space where something new can happen.  Our body is the center of action.

COre COntact This class combines my practice of Core Strengthening (Pilates, Gyrotonic, Klein Technique) with contemporary dance – moving in and out of the floor with body logic and understanding.


Pilates for Dancers/Actors/Musicians 
A series of Floor-based exercises designed to improve overall flexibility and strength. By preparing the moving body through awareness of alignment and increasing the functional knowledge of our anatomy, we may move with more ease and efficiency.

Gyrotonic® Expansion System
GYROTONIC®: A method of exercise incorporating the organic spinal movements arching, curling and spiraling to build internal strength, coordination.  Stimulating your nervous system, and teaching breath awareness these undulating movements revitalize your energy and strengthen your core.

Movement for Actors
Discovering movement through space, shape & effort, gaining kinesthetic awareness, practicing qualities of movement, and using our imagination to achieve a better understanding of this fundamental experience.

Dance for Children (ages 4-13)
Exploring physical movement through personal expression Gaining an awareness of body, space, force & time Creating dances and performing for each other. Classes are adjusted for all abilities, ages, group sizes and areas of interest.

10258656_281605618674166_4308475497605097933_o-1 Movement Pageant on Track and Field Day Spring 2015