Excerpts from Indifference






Inspired by Albert Camus’s 1942 absurdist novel, “L’Entranger”(The Stranger), indifference incorporates dance, video, original live music and spoken word. Through characters in the book, most notably its main protagonist, Mersault, Townsend explores and deconstructs some its main themes – society’s lack of empathy, remorse and indifference, the perils of free will, and the societal burdens imposed on cultural outsiders–strangers.


Original Music Composed & Performed Live by Piro Patton, Michael Bello, & David Mihaly -Video Landscapes:Piro Patton, -Time Lapse Video: Samir Neffati -Lighting Design:Andrew Packard,  -Set/Costume Design: Heidi Sandvol, -Performers: Christine Bonansea, Patric Cashman, Brenton Cheng, Eric Garcia, Erin Mei-Ling Stuart & Lisa Townsend


Excerpts from Virile Streak






Loosely based on the complex relationship between Renée-Pélagie de Sade and her husband the Marquis de Sade and time warped forward to 2006, this evening work is saturated in manipulation, dominance, desire and restraint.  Exposing the bondage of partnership and the gift of vulnerability, explores the madness of desire, and the delight of love and evil in the limitless presumption of appetite.

Original Music Composed & Performed Live by Piro Patton & Michael Bello, Lighting Design: José Maria Francos & Julie Ana Dobo, Set/Costume Design: Heidi Sandvol, Performers: Patric Cashman, Damara Ganley, Phil Halbert, Suzanne Lappas, Julie Sheetz, Ami Student, & Lisa Townsend

“Ms. Townsend and the upsettingly effective Patric Cashman were the masochistic core… In the most successful scene, he sexually eviscerated Julie Sheetz like a raptor toying with a rabbit, turning her this way and that in his lap until she froze into a clenched fetal ball.” New York Times 2006



Excerpt from FUGA: to chase, to flee  





Original Music Composed by Piro Patton.

Danced by Patric Cashman, Julie Sheetz-Mahony & Lisa Townsend