that I am not you
2004 ODC Theater

“…left the most striking impression(s).” 
Alan Ulrich, Voice of Dance, 2004

"I cannot forgive your existence, that I am not you."

that i am not you is inspired by the human constant, envy.  Envy is a relationship between two people, subject and object.  The dancers movement vocabulary draws from metaphors and symbols derived from explorations of envy as a human condition. The sound score combines original music by Jazz Bassist & Vibraphonist Piro Patton and guitarist Christian Konopka, with text excerpts from Joseph Epstein and the essays on envy by Tom Patton.

Created by Lisa Townsend

Original Music composed & performed live by Piro Patton & Christian Konopka
Spoken Text by Tom Patton
Lighting Design: Sara Linne Slocum
Costumes: Hermione Healy

Dancers: Alisa Rasera, Lisa Townsend

Produced by S.F.’s WestWave Dance Festival