House Special 3
2004 ODC Theater

"…the talented Ms. Townsend envisioned something utterly fascinating. What she came up with…was a dance noir. She took nervous, staccato steps, clutched at her legs, pounded the floor and let her body hang on the impending creepiness. (The smart, dissonant music, played on vibraphone, was by Piro Patton.)”
Christopher Correa, Dance View Times, 2004

In 2004 I was invited by ODC Theater Director Rob Bailis to participate in House Special 3, a two week intensive Workshop/ Performance Residency.  During this residency the seeds for can I want it ?, the short straw, & Virile Streak were planted.

Created by Lisa Townsend
Original music composed and performed live on vibraphone by Piro PattonOther Music: Medeski Martin & Wood, Petra Haden
Costume: Lisa Townsend

Performed by: Tessa Nebrida, Leanore Deaton, Lisa Townsend and Holly Wooldridge