1993 MFA Thesis Concert, Theater II, Cal Arts

"Ms. Townsend’s work shows a high level of intelligence, sophistication, and understanding. Her material is highly interdisciplinary and provocative.”
Cristyne Lawson, Dean of the Dance School, CalArts, 1994

Rochambo delves into the lighter and darker side of patterns, random chance, and psychological manipulation, as they relate to the human condition.

Created by Lisa Townsend
Original music composed by Ron Brookler, Sound Score by Piro Patton
Other Music: Tom Waits, Arcado String Trio, Mel Powell
Costume Design: Carey Twomey

Dancers: Luciana Achugar, Patrick Bradbury, Alena Cawthorne, Teresa Espinoza, Rhonda Hasty, Tessa Nebrida, Kathryn Rosburg, Lisa Townsend, Shelley Trott, & Wendy Winters