Lurking Beneath the Surface of Conscious Life
1995 Luckman Fine Arts Center
1996 Los Angeles Theater Center
1998 Joyce SoHo, NYC

"A tough, aggressive style gave a welcome edge…”
Lewis Segal, LA Times 1996

"The Discovery of the Friday program: Lisa Townsend whose finely crafted post- modern piece…inventively honored female strength and resilience.”
Lewis Segal, LA Times 1995

Lurking… explores an alternate and uninvited state triggered by an over firing or jamming of electrical brain waves and the polarity this causes.

Created by Lisa Townsend
Music: Mel Powell
Costume: Lisa Townsend

This piece was commissioned by L.A.’s Annual Dance Kaleidoscope and premiered at the Luckman Fine Arts Center in Los Angeles with dancers Lisa Townsend & Kate Weare.  It was also performed at Los Angeles Theater Center.  In 1998 it was performed at Joyce SoHo, NYC (Joyce SoHo Presents…), with Lisa & Levi Gonzalez.