1999 Context Studios, NYC
1997 Movement Research @ Judson Church, NYC
1996 Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions

“Bringing to life physical abandonment through dance’s grace and rhythmic control…”
Ron Athey, LA Weekly, 1996

Splittings explores the chasm that opens between the self and one’s surroundings during the course of a temporal lobe seizure.  The dancers and drum soloist serve as metaphors for the multiplicity of simultaneous events as bodies stand and fall in vibrating pools of gesture and as one's reason, memory and emotions are strangely altered from conscious reality.

Choreography: Lisa Townsend
Original Music composed by Piro Patton with live performance by Dave Shaffer
Costume: Lisa Townsend

1999 Natasha Aretha, Levi Gonzalez, Tessa Nebrida, Tom O’Connor, & Kate Weare
1997 Luciana Achugar, Lana Halvorsen, Lisa Townsend, Kate Weare & Wendy Winters
1996 Stephanie Butler, Levi Gonzalez, Diana Mehoudar, Kathleen Reese, & Kate Weare

Originally commissioned by Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (L.A.C.E.) for their Twisted Spring.  Also performed as part of New Dance Alliance Inc.’s Performance Mix with the support of a Meet the Composer Grant.