Odd times pt. 1
2007 Project Artaud Theater

“"Odd times made good fashion sense.”
Allan Ulrich, Voice of Dance, 2007

Representing fundamental asymmetries in our selves and our society Odd times is danced and played in fives, sevens and nines.  Dancers move in odd time, bumping up against each other’s rhythms and articulations, weaving dissimilar pulses.  Odd times exposes the way in which we impact each other as we trip forward at the speed of modern life.

Created by Lisa Townsend
Original Music Composed & Performed by Piro Patton
Costumes: Heidi Sandvoll

Dancers: Christine Bonansea, Patric Cashman,
Julie Sheetz, Ami Student & Lisa Townsend

Produced by S.F.’s West Wave Dance Festival and created with support from the Zellerbach Family Foundation.